If you’re listening to this now then it’s because you want me to book speaking gigs for you.

I’ve been on stages for companies like AAA, HIlton, Best Buy, and a ton of others. I know how corporate companies hire speakers and there’s no limit to the amount they will pay…if you’re good.

I learned how to get really focused on the things that matter and get booked really fast.

So if you’re listening to this, I can help you get booked and you would probably love it if I booked speaking gigs for you.

Now I’m not going to charge you anything. You just have to pay me a 20% commission of the gigs I book for you…does that sound like a deal?

If I can fill up your schedule, would you be willing to give me 20%?

Now you’re probably nodding your head wondering when do we get started.

If this message attracted you and you got all excited then I have a wake up call for you…

You’re never going to build your speaking business if you keep thinking this way. If you expect someone else to book speaking gigs for you, like how you’ve probably been thinking for the longest time, then you’re not going to build a speaking business.

First…let me get this straight, yes…I bait-and-switched you. But let me tell you why…

I get a lot of emails from speakers who want me to book them speaking gigs because they know I can fill up their schedule. And they always say, “Hey, I’ll give you a percentage if you book gigs for me.”

That’s the type of thinking that’s going to leave you broke.

I NEVER…and I mean NEVER get those emails from speakers who have a good speaking business.

Will they pay a referral fee, of course they would…but do they expect me to build their business for them…not even close.

How ridiculous would it be if Mark Zuckerberg was trying to build Facebook and just said, “Hey guys, if you build it for me then I’ll give you a small percentage.” Or if Bill Gates wanted to create Microsoft and he said, “Hey guys, if you build this business for me then I’ll give you a little bit of it.”

Do you think they would have been successful? Of course not. That’s not how successful people think.

So what do you think you’re doing when you expect someone else to book speaking gigs for you? I know it’s attractive to have someone do the work for you but if you’re not invested in your own successful then why would someone else invest in you?

I just heard Mark Cuban, the billionaire say something about why companies fail and when someone successful speaks, I listen, and so should you. He said, “Companies fail because of a lack of effort.”

Speakers are failing, they’re not getting gigs, because they expect other people to do it for them.

I can’t tell you how much this is messing you up without you realizing it.

Not too long ago we launched the Speaker Accelerator Campaigns where we do the marketing for you and I think I didn’t make myself clear…I think what everyone thought was that we were just going to work for you for free and book you gigs.

What the Speaker Accelerator Campaigns do is we say, “Ok, you need a Google Adwords campaign and I have a PPC specialist. It costs X amount.” Or, “Ok, you need to hire someone and train them to cold call for you. I have someone who does exactly that and we’ve already train them and keep them trained. It’s going to cost this much to hire them.”

And what happened…

Lots of people said, “Oh, can I just give you a commission?”

Let me ask you this…

If you have a job or had a job, would you work for free? I doubt it.

You have to know your process. You have to know exactly how to get gigs and like Mark Cuban said, you have to work for it.

Most speakers just don’t work…they want other people to work for them and they expect to get the results. If that’s you, you need to stop right now.

If you don’t wake up and work your ass off all day, don’t expect to get gigs. If you don’t do the work, you don’t get booked.

If you think there’s a website like SpeakerMatch or Espeakers or whatever, that’s going to book gigs for you then you’re not going to get booked.

Change your psychology. Either you’re serious about building your speaking business or you’re not. There’s no such thing as, “Oh I’ll work for an hour or two.” There’s no such thing and having one foot in and one foot out. Either you want to build your speaking business or you should just go get a job.

If you don’t know what to do to get booked consistently then check out the SpeakPro Academy.

But if you expect other people to book speaking gigs for you then this is your wake up call. You have to get out and do it yourself. You have to make those calls, learn whatever you need to learn, you have to go out…all day, every day, and work like a madman to get one single gig.

And when you have this intensity, then you’ll be so focused on speaking on stages that you won’t need to ask someone else to book gigs for you, you’ll just already have your entire schedule filled.

It’s time to get serious.