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Private Call With A Speaker To Help Her Get More Gigs

Website Incongruent messaging Popup - meditationEntertainmentMotivational speakingYouth speakerCurriculum designPositive thinkingWork/life balance By trying to be everything to everybody you become nothing to nobody Understand your audience more Mobile site...

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Creating An Amazing Speaker Website In 1 Week

The better your speaker website, the easier it is to get hired. So this new video shows you how to create a speaker website in 1 week. (Or update your current one) Nowadays the technology is so good that it shouldn’t take you longer than a week to create an amazing...

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Study the 1%, not the status quo

“I think my constant fiddling and meddling with the status quo may have been one of my biggest contributions to the later success of Wal-Mart.” - Sam Walton   To be the 1%, you can’t think or operate like the 99% Normal people “Money doesn’t bring you happiness”...

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How To Become The Authority In Your Space

Why become an Authority? Easier to sell Sell more at higher prices People buy ‘who’ you are more than ‘what’ you sell Story: My website goal = celebritize myself   It all starts with a claim...claim to be the Authority & believe it “Our deepest fear is not...

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