This website has tons of speaker training videos that answers almost every question you have about building a speaking business. But here are some of my favorite videos:

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How We Get Speakers Booked – Part 1


How We Get Speakers Booked – Part 2


How We Get Speakers Booked – Part 3


Getting $25,000 speaking engagements with the Dream Client Marketing Campaign
This video will show you the best marketing campaign that gets Fortune 500 companies easily


Watch Me Get A Gig Live – The Process For Getting A Speaking Gig:
This video will show you the entire process for contacting events. The biggest problem speakers have is that they have no process in place.


Getting Testimonials At Events:
This video will show you live examples of how I get testimonials after a presentation.


My Follow Up Process For Getting Speaking Gigs:
Your first point of contact never gets you the gig. It’s always what you do after that first point of contact. So here’s my follow up process that works every time. Note: The money is made in the follow up.


How I Film My Content (the equipment, the process, etc):
If you’re filming your own videos then this will show you everything I use to film mine. When you’re doing any type of content marketing, you have to make sure you’re using good equipment if you want the best bang for your buck.


A SUPER Cool Way To Present Your Testimonials
You know you need testimonials to sell yourself but what are different ways you can use those testimonials so they aren’t boring? This video will give you some really cool ideas for your testimonials…


How To Sell Yourself Better When People Aren’t Responding To Your Emails
What do you do when you’re contacting people to hire you but they’re not responding back? This is why people don’t respond back to your emails and this is what you do about it…


Finding Speaking Gigs For Big Company Events:
How do you find speaking opportunities with the big Fortune 500 companies? This video gives you a live demonstration of the process I go through to find these events and contact them.


Creating Cool Graphics For Your Speaker Website & Marketing Materials:
You need to have great marketing materials if you want to get hired consistently. This is an easy way to create great graphics for your speaker website.


Best Microphone To Use For Filming With Your Smartphone:
If you’re using your phone to film videos, you need to make sure your audio is really good. Audio can make or break a video. So in this video, you’ll hear the microphone test for different smartphone microphones.


Creating Motivational Content:
These are some great ideas you can use to create motivational content.


What To Write On Your Website (Copywriting for speakers):
Lets face it…most speaker websites suck. And when you don’t know what to write on your website, it sucks even more. In this video, you’ll learn exactly what you should put on your speaker website to get hired.


Building An Expert Business Fast As Hell:
There’s no faster way to build your business than this…


20 Actions You Can Take Today To Build Your Speaking Business:
Most people procrastinate because they don’t know what actions to take on a daily basis. In this video, you’ll learn 20 actions you can do…right now…this very second…to build your business.


The Strategy Behind Speaking Lifestyle:

If you want more in-depth training and support on how to build your entire speaking business from the ground up, go here: