This is the best presentation-skills tip…ever!

If you ask anyone who has seen my presentation what the response was from the audience, they will tell you one thing:

“Benji got a standing ovation.”

I’m not joking. I literally have gotten a standing ovation at every event I’ve done and anyone who has seen me can attest to that.

(I probably just jinxed myself…dammit)

And I don’t do the cheesy thing where you tell people to ‘stand up and take a picture’ or ‘asking for a standing ovation’…no…I get a real standing ovation.

But why?

This new video gives you an idea of how I approach every presentation I give.

The best example I can give of what I do is to study Michael Jackson.

(I don’t want to compare Michael Jackson to me…he would have pretty big shoes to fill if he followed in my footstep, so lets leave it be)

If you look at Michael Jackson, you’ll notice that he does EXACTLY what I talk about in this new video.

And if you want to step up your presentation skills, then you should do the same thing…