Dave sent me an email asking if 3-5k was normal for a web designer to build your speaker site.

And it probably is normal for a good designer.

But what if you can’t afford that much for a new speaker site?

Dave didn’t want to pay that much either. So check out the HUGE difference in Dave’s previous site versus the one that’s now up.

If you’re constantly doing free gigs, or not charging what you want to charge, then it’s because your website sucks.

You have to look like you’re worth paying for.

And with Dave’s old website, it didn’t look like he was worth paying for.

But now, Dave will easily fill up his calendar.

(Just look at the two versions of his website and you’ll see what I mean)

I told Dave to join the SpeakPro Academy instead of paying 5k for a website because he can use the pre-built wordpress website we set up.

Not only that, but he would get training, templates, mastermind calls, photos for his website, the whole sha-bang. So he joined and got his website up in a few days.

Watch the video to see if you’re making the same mistakes as Dave did with his old website.