Sometimes I decide to take bad photos on purpose because I don’t want to make people feel bad about how perfect I am.

And maybe you have bad photos from your speaking gigs too (maybe the pictures are blurry, grainy, etc). So what do you do about it?

This is how you make bad photos look good:

(watch the video)

You and I both know that you need to have great pictures for your speaking business.

I’m talking about pictures that are so good that even Picasso will bow down to you.

But sometimes, the pictures you get from a gig, or from a photoshoot, don’t look great and your natural response is to delete it.


Your marketing materials can look great if you learn how to take your ordinary photos and make them extraordinary.

So instead of deleting photos, do what the video shows. 

And when you make your pictures look great, go to a museum, look at a Picasso painting and say…“Who’s the boss now?”