What to do with event leads AFTER you contact them


Get a CRM – Don’t know what a CRM is? Google it

  • It’s like saying “I want to build an online business” and you don’t know how to use an Autoresponder
  • Are you building a real business or playing house?


You contact an event…then what?


Initial Contact

  • Email 1 – Who hires?


No response?

  • Follow up


No response again?

  • Pitch anyways


Why they don’t respond?

  • You’re using inbound for outbound
    • Infusionsoft, Activecampaign, etc
    • Has ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom
  • Sounds like a template
    • They think you’re a bot
  • They’re busy
    • Must pitch immediately


You contact them, mark the lead as ‘working’

  • Purpose of emailing = Qualify the leads
    • Rich Phone Book – He was qualifying
  • Working a lead = Qualifying the lead


WHEN should you follow up?

  • No rules…just guidelines
  • Contact more at first
  • Don’t contact TOO much
  • Create a Sales Cadence
    • Sequence of activities you follow for certain leads


Combine Sales Cadence with Lead Score

  • “I’ll follow up with these events ‘this’ way, and these events ‘that’ way”
  • Ex: Conferences = 1 follow up
  • Ex: More qualified = 7 follow ups


General Rule – Don’t delete leads from your CRM

  • ALL leads give you information
  • Spend time on events more likely to close
    • Lead score


Create templates for everything

  • “We don’t hire”
  • “Fill out this form”
  • You need a process for everything
    • If X, then Y


Take your emotions out of it

  • Ex “Take me off your DAMN list” etc
  • If X, then Y
    • Dumb responses = ignore


“Fill out this form” = template response…Why?

  • Low lead score, low chance of closing
  • BUT…if you’re new, fill out the form


“We don’t hire/pay” = template response…why?

  • Low lead score, low chance of closing



  • Purpose of emailing = Qualify
  • More you contact = better you get at qualifying
  • You don’t know if they hire speakers or hire YOU


Use CRM filters – “days since last communication” etc

  • Keep thinking about how to spend time on the right leads


As you talk to events,

  • Take notes in your CRM
    • Email not syncing? = Copy/paste into notes
  • Set follow up tasks


Push them through the pipeline

  • Incoming – Questions – Quote – Contract – Closed
  • Each stage has emails
    • Be prepared for EVERY possible outcome/response


Not getting responses = doing something wrong

  • Not contacting enough
  • Not saying the right things
  • Bad leads (weren’t interested to begin with)
  • Bad website (they’re not interested in YOU)


Contact so many you have a hard time keeping up with responses

  • Dave “I have so many tasks…”
  • More practice = better you get (like any skill)
  • Use your lead score more
    • Qualified events = more time
    • Unqualified events = less time


You need someone showing you HOW to practice

  • Practice doesn’t make perfect
  • Perfect practice makes perfect


How long are you going to wait before you implement on your goals?

  • “I have to do X first” = your goal isn’t as important as you claim


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