I don’t want to ruin your perfect image of me because I know you love me more than you love your kids…but I have something to confess…

…I used to be afraid to spend money because I lost a ton of it trying to build my speaking business.

This new video is an eye-opener:

What’s in this new video?

No, it’s not a pony.

I’ll give you a hint…money money money.

Right now, I spend thousands every month on my business because I know I’ll get a return.

But when I started, I was afraid to even spend a measly $25 on a CRM.

And if there’s one thing that will destroy any business before it even starts, it’s fear.

Fear of spending money to make money.

So this new video talks about what you need to do to get over that fear.

Most people are afraid to spend money because they’re not sure if they will get it back.

And some people don’t spend money because they really don’t know how to spend it.

But if you’re not spending money on your business, you have a big problem.

And I’m not talking about just investing in programs. I’m talking about spending money on tools for your business, etc.

This video will be an eye-opener on your fear of spending money…