I kept wondering why it wasn’t working for me. Why I wasn’t generating sales, building my audience, and not getting to the level I thought I should be at.

So I started asking one question over and over and over.

The question is in the new video.

On the Industry Icon webinar, I mentioned how I met these guys who were doing six figures a month. So I looked them up online.

“They must be producing tons of content” I thought.

But I couldn’t find much about them online. They had a couple of videos which had about 100 views.

“How are they doing six figures a month?” I thought.

Honestly, if I didn’t meet them at their mansion and see for myself, I never would’ve believed it.

When you’re building an audience and monetizing it by selling programs and/or coaching, you have to be very careful about what you do.

If not, you’ll end up stuck, like how I was. I was producing TONS of content and not generating too many sales.

There were guys out there that were producing hardly any content and generating TONS of sales. I would rather be in their position.

So I started asking myself a question…

It’s the same question I asked myself to build my entertainment and speaking business. I just started asking that question when it came to building and monetizing an audience.