Me and a friend were having a chat about crypto and I told him I invested in ADA because I saw this influencer make a good case for it.

His response: “I don’t like that guy”

I just laughed.

And it got me thinking…

Why do we like some people on camera and dislike others? That’s what this new video is about…

Reasons why people dislike you on camera:

Some people will say they don’t care if people like them or not. These people are always broke.

It’s one thing to not care about people’s judgements about you. But you have to be aware of your likability or people won’t buy from you.

Think about it…

How often do you buy from someone you DON’T like?

How often do you consume content from someone you don’t like?

Not often. If ever. 

So don’t make the mistakes I mention in the video.