Say what? Benji made a mistake? I know that’s what you’re thinking.

Yea I made some mistakes when building an audience and they’re not ‘obvious’ mistakes.

In fact, these mistakes are so ‘non-obvious’ that I’m sure most people will make these same mistakes when marketing themselves.

(especially Mistake #5 & #6)

If you’re building an audience because you want to do workshops, sell products, etc…then you definitely want to watch this because these mistakes will cost you a lot of money.

‘Failing to learn lessons’ is dumb.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fail. Failure is for wusses. Are you a wuss? You better have said ‘hell no.’

But when you add up mistakes, you fail. And when you fail, you automatically become a wuss.

So for all the people who want to build an audience, and not get turned into a wuss, watch this video on the 6 mistakes of audience building.

Say it loud and say it proud…I AM NOT A WUSS!