We recently booked 3 more events by doing this:

(watch the video)

As much as you like to brag to other people about me, and although you’re going to name your kids after me, I’m not superman.

…There are times when I get tired and don’t feel like doing the things to get on stages.

But I’m aware of when I get into the mode of ‘not feeling like it’…and that’s how I got these 3 associations to hire me.

To keep getting on stages, you have to take certain actions consistently.

And what you’ll see in the video is that I took these ‘certain actions consistently’ by working smart.

(You’ll see what I mean after watching the video)

Take a look at where you are in your speaking business.

Are you getting on stages? Do you know exactly how to get yourself on stages by finding events and contacting them?

If not, you need to seriously think about why you’re not doing to the work…

…And the video will give you an idea of what’s happening inside of that speaker-brain of yours.