Keynote speakers, motivational speakers, all professional speakers have one big question in the back of their minds…How do I get speaking engagements?

If you’ve been wondering why it’s so hard to get booked to speak then you’re about to read why it’s so hard to get on corporate stages and it’s not a pretty picture.

Here are a couple reasons why it’s so hard to get speaking gigs:

1. Lack of focus

Most professional speakers focus on the wrong things because they do everything except the things that get them booked. Speakers want to spend hours writing their book that they’ve been working on for a year. They want to spend time having lunch with other speakers. They want to spend time messing around with their website. Basically, they want to spend time doing everything except lead generation activities.

Getting speaking engagements is tedious. It requires you to sit down and do the same thing over and over and over for days, months, and years. It’s boring, but you have to do it if you want to get booked to speak.

When you focus on the wrong things, you produce the wrong results. Make sure that your daily activities consist of lead generation and not just busy activities.

2. A horrible website

Whenever a corporate event planner wants to hire a speaker, they want to see your website. They need to know that you’re good so they will go to your website to check out your videos and if you don’t have anything then they won’t hire you. Event planners need proof that you’re a top-notch speaker.

Make sure you have a killer website and a great speaker demo video so the event planners are magnetically attracted to hiring you.

3. The Shiny-Object Syndrome

Lots of people have the Shiny-Object Syndrome and it’s ruining the world. The symptoms for the Shiny-Object Syndrome are:

  • Moving from new social network to new social network
  • Waiting for the magic bullet that will book speaking engagements for you
  • Expecting “new” ways to market yourself without getting good at one way
  • And not learning to…squirrel…

Fortunately, there is a cure for Shiny-Object Syndrome and that cure is focus. Get good at one or two ways to market yourself and get gigs that way. If a new social media platform pops up, you don’t need to go to it…you need to focus…focus on where the corporate event planners search for keynote speakers and make sure you get in front of them.

Do a self-assessment by asking yourself what your daily activities consist of. Now think about what results those daily activities produce…do they get you booked to speak? If not, stop doing it.

Most speakers have a hard time getting gigs because there is so much information out there about marketing that they don’t know where to start. And instead of trying to do everything, simplify what you do so you’re only doing one or two things with a laser-like focus.

Yes you can book speaking gigs through social media. Yes you can book speaking gigs with direct mail. Yes you can book speaking gigs with cold calls. Yes you can book speaking gigs…you get the point. There are so many ways to get booked to speak so just choose one and stick to it. Focus all your effort on it and before you know it, you will get booked.

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