This weekend I’m about to present at an event and they paid $22,000 (all-inclusive).

Several years ago, I would have thought this was impossible. Just charging $2,500 was A LOT for me at the time.

And what’s funny is that I keep thinking, how on earth can someone build enough trust to get a complete stranger to pay $22,000 for a 60 minute presentation?

For all they know, I could’ve been the cookie-monster because we didn’t talk on the phone until after the money was in the bank (my process is email-only).

So this video talks about how to build enough trust that people are willing to pay you 20k for something.

The longer it takes you to build everything in your business, the longer it takes to get on stages.

The ‘things’ you build are known to everyone (website, email system, etc). But getting it all set up so it’s specific to you is what takes time.

Once you have everything built the right way, you create instant trust and you can charge higher fees. Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.