This video walks you through what I did last year to fill up my speaking schedule.

Last year, we did 4 main things that filled up the schedule and it’s all talked about in the video.

On a side note, I was presenting at a sales event and there were some heavy-hitter companies at this event. But do you know what I noticed about their companies?

…All of them have a very specific way of finding new business.

Most speakers say, “That’s nothing new” because they don’t understand how a real business works. A real business makes money because their systems aren’t new. They put in systems and it remains the same.

Once you have a system down, it allows you to scale.

What are you doing to fill up your speaking schedule? How many people are you contacting? Are you prospecting?

You should know the answer to those questions by now.

If not, watch the video and you’ll see the 4 key points that allowed me to fill up my schedule in 2015.

And make sure you don’t fall into the trap I talk about in the video. It’s the trap that 99% of speakers fall into without realizing it.

Just remember…

You want to take ‘unpredictability’ out of your speaking business.