Last week we were having a conversation with SpeakPro Academy members about going straight to the close. Most speakers take to long to get the gig. They want to talk on the phone, have several email conversations, etc.

So I told one of the members to just close the gig immediately.

A couple days later, I had a Facebook conversation with someone about their event. This is how it went:

Do you see how I got straight to the 15k & 20k quote for the event?

I used to beat around the bush because I thought the only way to get the gig was to talk with them on the phone about their event.

But I looked at all the events that booked me and I realized something…

Those events get booked fast.

There’s a difference between people who are deciding on a speaker versus people who have already looked at my website and decided.

My marketing is done in a way to get people ready to buy so I don’t have to convince.

So the conversations tend to be really quick when it comes to booking the gig. Just answer a few questions, here’s the quote, yes or no. That’s it.

Most people beat around the bush too much. You’re too subtle and you don’t get to the point quick enough.

And the higher up in the food-chain you go, the more direct you have to be.

If someone wants to talk on the phone AFTER they sign the contract and send the deposit, we can do that. But when we are talking about the event, I get straight to the point.

NOTE: If you’re not a member of the SpeakPro Academy you need to check it out. We focus on getting you on stages and marketing yourself.