Yesterday we did a Facebook Live about the 11-step process you need to build out for your sales pipeline to get on stages consistently. You can watch the replay here.

I also want to mention that we will be having a SpeakPro Academy Bootcamp Session to build out your 11-step event pipeline.

This bootcamp session will go every day, for 14 days. And by the time you’re doing, you’ll have a sales pipeline for your events that you can repeat day in and day out to get on stages consistently.

Join the SpeakPro Academy to participate in this bootcamp: (there’s a monthly payment option)

We start the bootcamp April 16th at 10am pacific time. And each day, we will complete a step and then move on to the next step.

Every day, we will do a live session inside the private SpeakPro Academy group and you’ll complete the steps.

Step 1 – We will get your event profile set up so you’re very clear about which events you need to contact

Step 2 – Your CRM will be setup so you have your pipeline in place, your lead score, and other processes. Get this set up once and you’ll never need to ask ‘what do I do next’

Step 3 – Now you will copy/paste the email templates into your CRM so you have all the templates setup and you know exactly how to talk with events so they hire you.

Step 4 – Next, you’ll create your document for finding the events. Once again, this will be a simple copy/paste situation since the document has already been created for you.

Step 5 – Your pipeline and templates will be in place by now. So the next step is to build your list of events for you to contact.

Step 6 – During this step, you’ll contact the events using the email templates.

Step 7 – Now you’re going to respond to the events and pitch them.

Step 8 – Whatever events didn’t reply back, you’re going to use the follow up templates you put in place earlier.

Step 9 – Now you’re going to convert the events that expressed interested into an opportunity (we are just following the pipeline that’s been setup in Step 2)

Steps 10&11 – You’re going to finish the rest of the pipeline until you get the gig booked.

It’s important that you complete the steps, not just watch me. You have enough information, now it’s time for implementation.

The purpose of this SpeakPro Academy Bootcamp Session is to make sure you have your event pipeline set up the right way.

Trust me, if you get this down then you’ll have a process for getting hired consistently.

You have to be a SpeakPro Academy member to join this Bootcamp Session so join here: (you can select the monthly option if you want)

But let me set expectations real quick…because I know there are crazy people reading this.

First off, you’re not going to fill up your speaking schedule in 14 days.

What you will do is…you’ll have your system set up for getting the speaking gigs.

This is the system that guys like Dave used to book one speaking gig per week and hit $16,000 and $18,000 weeks.

This is the system that George used to get his first $10,000 speaking gig.

April 16th at 10am pacific time is when the bootcamp session starts and we will complete a step every day for a 14 day period.

When you’re done, you’ll have your event-pipeline system set up so you can follow it to get hired consistently.

Only SpeakPro Academy members have access to our Bootcamp Sessions so make sure you join here: