A few days ago I sent you an email that gave 4 nuggets about going from $0/mo to $100k/mo. And since everyone liked it, I created a video on it.

The more I talk with people about their marketing, the more I see how psychological everything is.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend who wanted advice about creating content and writing a book.

He asked what tools I used to write my books. So I told him the truth…

I sat down, opened up a document, and types out some chapters, then starting writing until I couldn’t write anymore. Once I was done writing what was in my head, the book was finished. That’s it.

So I told him to stop making things complicated and just get started.

Most people struggle because they think too much. They try to plan everything.

But I can tell you that everything I did to get to 100k/mo was impossible to plan.

People love the tactics and the techniques but I can guarantee you that most people don’t do it. They’re stuck in the planning stages. Or they let the fear of spending money stop them from making any. And there are a million other psychological blocks.

So this video talks about the 4 nuggets that helped me along the way