I can still see it…I was paying $300 per month to rent a room from a friend and I knew I had to step up my game if I wanted to get gigs.

So I would lock myself in the room and contact 100 events every day. That was my number and I couldn’t stop for the day until I hit it.

But some speakers ask me, ‘how can you possibly find/contact 100 per day?’ So this new video shows you what I was doing.

Most people who are marketing themselves aren’t getting anywhere because they don’t understand the level of activity to make things happen.

It happens with almost every speaker I talk to.

They contact a few people for a couple of weeks, and then they slow down, only to come to a full stop.

Now they ‘re-evaluate’. They think, “There must be a better way.” So they start looking for other options.

They try ‘Facebook Live’. They try producing content. And that’s not working either. On and on it goes.

If only they had stuck to the first option of contacting 100 events per day.

This video talks about what you must do to get to that point.