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Dave Davlin’s Story – $16,000 & $18,000 weeks from speaking

I knew I had a gift to touch people and make a difference but I just did not know how to let the world know about it….Now I don’t want to make this a “religious thing” but I have to tell you I began to pray. I didn’t want to give up…

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Read My Email Pitch For Getting Hired As A Speaker

Notes for Richie Sounds like a copy/paste template you send everyone Look for a specific event • You’re throwing out a net, you should be using a spear You didn’t do any research on what THEY want • You included everything ‘passion, engagement, sales, culture’ * Can’t...

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Do the work nobody wants to do or is willing to do Kobe Mamba Mentality book “Kobe knew that to be the best you need a different approach from everyone else.” “When everyone else was thinking it was time for bed, his mind was telling him it’s time to get ahead of the...

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Presentation Skills For The Camera – Public Speaking Tip

In person you have their attention. On camera it’s harder. -we turn ‘professional’ on camera -video = no feedback CONTEXT matters -In person (hand gestures can distract) -IG stories = realistic -Stage/Video = exaggerated -5min vs Live = Live, harder to keep attention...

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