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Whoever Is Best At Capturing The Attention Of Their Market Wins
Leverage Your Speaking Skills To Monetize Your Brand
What We Do
We Train Experts On How To Monetize Their Audience So They Can Get Paid What They’re Worth
How do you sell your expertise? How do you build & monetize your brand? Whether you’re on camera or on a stage, you need to master the ability to communicate in a way that gets the word out about what you do so you can get more business. We help you get more attention to your business so you can sell your expertise.
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Your Online Brand

If you’re a content creator then you have to use the ‘gift of gab’ to build and monetize an audience.

Presentation Skills

Become a powerful presenter on camera and on stages to share your message with the world.

Getting On Stages

How do you get booked on stages as a speaker? The training in our newsletter shows you the steps to take.

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What If You Don’t Think You’re Pretty Enough To Be On Camera?

What If You Don’t Think You’re Pretty Enough To Be On Camera? A while ago I asked everyone… what’s stopping you from growing your business. One person replied that they didn’t think they’re pretty enough to be on camera. This is actually a very common problem with people. A lot of people don’t like...

The Ultimate Speaker-Training



In the past 12 weeks I have booked at least on event each week and even had weeks of $16,000-$18,000.

– Dave Davlin –

January I hit a new monthly target of booking 6 speaking engagements and had my highest paid speaking month to date.

– Betsy Allen-Manning –

I just squeaked in a booking for next month which will cause me to break $200k in gross sales for the year

– Bob Cates –

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