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It’s Webinar Day And It’s Not Going Too Good

We had a webinar on Saturday that talked about the Industry Icon 4 week online event. And here’s what you don’t know… It almost didn’t happen. Literally, up until the moment of the webinar, I thought it wouldn’t happen. I woke up ready to go and I said to myself, “I...

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My process for creating and recording a podcast

Ok you’re going to love this video just as much as you love your kids, your dog, and your parents...combined. This video shows you how I create and record my podcast. You’ll get to see exactly how I ‘write’ my podcast and how I record/film it. I’m not sure about you,...

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How Do You Email Everyday When Building Your List?

Awhile ago I made a decision to email my list everyday. I made this decision because another business doing over $50 million was emailing on a daily basis. Initially, I thought “People will unsubscribe.” But they had stats that said… ...the most unsubscribes come from...

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“I don’t have time to find & contact events”

This is an email I get all the time… “I’m busy and don’t have time to do prospecting for events so what should I do?” Maybe you have a job. Maybe you’re just busy. You know if you contact events you’ll get hired. But if you don’t have time to find & contact events,...

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Should you stay or leave after your presentation?

Tomorrow I’ll be at a sales event and I want to show you what I do with every presentation… Most speakers get on a stage, do their thing, and immediately leave. Tony Robbins does this. But should you? You should always come across as an in-demand speaker, but should...

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What should my VA do to book paid speaking gigs for me?

Not too long ago a SpeakPro Academy member asked, “What activities should my VA be doing to get speaking gigs?” This is a great question because VAs are great workers, they just need to be guided on what to do. So this video shows you the activities you need to give...

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Remembering Your Video Scripts – Public Speaking Tip

Yesterday I went through tons of video footage for a new program to build and monetize an audience. And within an hour, 30 videos were edited. Whenever you film videos for content marketing, you should do it in one take. Remember what to say and then press play so you...

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The Million Dollar Content Process (with a phone)

This is what part of my day looked like yesterday… If you’re going to produce content to market yourself, then you don’t need all the fancy schmancy equipment I have. Just do what you see in today’s video...that’s a million dollar process using just a...

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