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11 Step Event Pipeline To Getting Speaking Gigs

Yesterday we did a Facebook Live about the 11-step process you need to build out for your sales pipeline to get on stages consistently. You can watch the replay here. I also want to mention that we will be having a SpeakPro Academy Bootcamp Session to build out your...

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Finding A Million Dollar Business Idea

Yesterday I had a conversation with a guy who works at TMZ and he used to film videos for a guru named Tai Lopez. His biggest problem is...monetizing an audience. His expertise is ‘video’ and one of his videos about Elon Musk got 600k views. But how does he monetize...

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Getting Speaking Gigs Fast

Everyone wants to know how to get booked on So this video shows you how. As you’ll see in the video, there are 4 things you want to pay attention to if you want gigs fast. And today we will be doing a Facebook Live at 3pm PST to talk about what you’re...

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Underestimating What It Takes To Succeed

No matter what happens, you’re always going to experience problems in your business. For example, today my websites went down. So in 3 minutes I learned how to hack like the NSA and fix my website (or I just called the hosting company and they did it...but you can...

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Facebook Live – Getting Speaking Gigs

Yesterday we did a Facebook Live where I talked about getting gigs and show you the process we use to get speakers hired. We go over questions about how to find events in your market, the sales process you need to get hired, and more. We will be doing more Facebook...

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Yesterday I started to create the webinar outlines for Industry Icon and something happened I realized that with webinars, people will just sit and watch...usually they won’t even show up and just watch the replay. But for Industry Icon, I want you to build and sell...

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