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How Long Does It Take To Book Speaking Gigs?

This question gets asked a lot. “How long will it take for me to book speaking gigs?” I’ll give you a hint. It took Magie less than 30 days… It took Will 90 days to get 5 gigs… And it took Helio awhile... So can you guess how long it takes to book speaking...

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Finding Time To Create Content

How much content do you produce? A lot? A little? If you’re building a personal brand then you should definitely produce content, but how do you find the time to create it? Your savior is here: Lately we’ve...

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Getting Good On Video

A realtor stopped by the studio to build her brand, so we were filming a video she can use for her content and her ads. But as she was talking, I noticed she did what most people do when they’re on camera...they get all ‘professional-like’. How do you get good on...

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The Purpose Of Your Pipeline For Getting Speaking Gigs

You’re in the ‘quote’ phase of your pipeline. You’re about to quote an event and then you say... “The fee will be $10,000. When would you like to schedule a call to talk more about your event?” Do you see what’s wrong with that? Or, you’re sending an email pitch and...

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Follow Up On Repeat Method

Today hundreds of hackers, CIA agents, NSA agents, etc people are leaving Vegas because they had the Defcon event. And I was only there because I booked a 32k cybersecurity client to help them with their marketing...and the video shows you the follow up method I used...

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