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Predicting An Event’s Budget For Their Speakers

The timing on this video is uncanny. But what can I say...that’s how we roll. A member of the SpeakPro Academy posted about a gig she was contacted for and she was wondering about the budget. How do you guess an event’s budget? Whenever an event contacts you to speak,...

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State of emergency – I’m backlit

This is a nationwide emergency and I need your help... This morning I got up, set up the new lights, and wanted to film videos for you. But...I'm backlit (the sun is behind me). The LED lights aren't shining bright enough for you to see my beautiful face. So do you...

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My Content Workflow For Creating A Ton Of Videos

A friend and I were chatting about his personal brand. He’s a teacher and he wants to build a personal brand in his subject...leadership. So I told him to create content. Several weeks later, he put out his first video. And my response was “Man, you gotta put out...

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