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Pipeline Breakdown

Yippie! Today you’ll get to see the backend pipeline another speaker is using to get gigs. Jeff sent a video that described his problem with closing speaking gigs (you’ll see him describe it in the video below), and we are going to take a look at his process. This is...

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The best way to promote content to build name recognition

Do you know how many people create video content every day? 3,563,772 people…every day. Actually, I just made that number up. But it’s probably high. And unfortunately, very few people make money off their content. They make a Facebook Live video, YouTube video,...

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Going from $0 to $100k/mo

A few days ago I sent you an email that gave 4 nuggets about going from $0/mo to $100k/mo. And since everyone liked it, I created a video on it. The more I talk with people about their marketing, the more I see how psychological everything is. Yesterday I was talking...

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Building enough trust to get $20,000 for a gig

This weekend I’m about to present at an event and they paid $22,000 (all-inclusive). Several years ago, I would have thought this was impossible. Just charging $2,500 was A LOT for me at the time. And what’s funny is that I keep thinking, how on earth can someone...

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