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Overcoming the imposter syndrome

Hey do you know what the ‘imposter syndrome’ is? Of course you do, you’re part of Speaking Lifestyle so you’re smart. So let’s talk about the dummies that don’t know. Most people (aka almost everyone) have felt like an imposter when marketing themselves. What happens...

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Getting your first client case study

When you’re marketing yourself, you know you need that first ‘case study’ but how do you get it? When I was building my business, I needed video footage to get hired. But I had no gigs lined up to get the vide footage…because nobody would hire me without the footage....

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How do you brag without bragging?

Muhammad Ali said it the best, “BENJI BRUCE IS THE GREATEST!” …. Or maybe I mis-heard it when he said it. But whatever he was trying to communicate, he was a great promoter. The problem is… How do you brag about yourself WITHOUT bragging about yourself? If you’re...

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A brilliant sales follow up strategy for speaking gigs

Every once in awhile, I impress myself. Actually let me back that up. I’m always impressed by myself. But every once in awhile, people are impressed with me too :). And you’re going to be impressed by this. If you’ve contacted events to speak on their stages then...

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From Entertainer To Entrepreneur Interview

Well it’s official. My entire life has been ruined. On May 3rd, I went to do a business show at the LightSpeed VT offices with a guy named Brad Lea. They have a full-blown TV studio and guess what? The TV studio looked cool as hell (with a big TV-Wall, nice desk, led...

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