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Make The Money-Process Easy

You know how you wake up and you know you should go to the gym, but you just don’t feel like it? But once you’re there, everything is good? That’s very similar to what this new video is about and it’s crucial you watch this because it will help with any...

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Becky made this change and got on more stages

Take a look at how Becky changed the type of speaker she is to get on more stages. This is from our private Facebook Group for SpeakPro Academy members…. If you’re struggling to get on stages then you need to see where the problem is. The problem could be the way you...

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Behind The Scenes Of Our High Rise Marketing Video

Yesterday you saw the high rise video that’s going to be used in the next stage of the speaking business. And today I’m going to show you how to duplicate it so you can make something similar for your speaking business. You’ll see what I did to prepare and what he did...

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This Is How You Create Your Own Fame – The Story

We started filming a new demo reel last Thursday, and he sent me the file last night (Sunday). And notice how I ‘created my own fame’ by hiring a great videographer to film in a nice location (high rise), then work his magic. If I were a speaker with zero video...

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We got Joel booked to speak within 60 days

Check this out… Joel didn’t have a website, pictures, etc before joining the SpeakPro Academy. But he joined in the middle of September and within 60 days he got his first paid gig. So how did he do it? Joel has one of the top podcasts on itunes but he wanted to get...

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