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Dave Davlin’s Story – $16,000 & $18,000 weeks from speaking

I knew I had a gift to touch people and make a difference but I just did not know how to let the world know about it….Now I don’t want to make this a “religious thing” but I have to tell you I began to pray. I didn’t want to give up…

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The Rich Story – Becoming An In Demand Motivational Speaker

Rich is a friend I met in high school who showed me a brilliant way for coming across as an in-demand presenter. In fact, he didn’t just show me, he blew me away with how business-savvy he was. And the new video shows you the brilliant thing he did. In this new video,...

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Yesterday we had a Facebook Live session where I demonstrated how I found 100 events literally sitting down at the computer. Your speaking business is completely dependent on how you think, as you’ll see when I find the events and talk strategy. Here are a couple of...

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Selling Your Expertise Live Session

Me and McDonalds are partnering up because I’m dropping gold nuggets in this video (you like that one didn’t you): Yesterday we had a Facebook Live session where we went over ‘how to sell your expertise for a lot of money’. In the session, I talked about the Capture,...

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Facebook Live – Building A Personal Brand

 The one thing that allowed me to go from a couple hundred to a 20k and up fee, was focusing on my brand. And the reason is simple...at a certain point, your fee isn't about your presentation or product, it's about who you are. ​ The image you project is a huge...

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