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Dave Davlin’s Story – $16,000 & $18,000 weeks from speaking

I knew I had a gift to touch people and make a difference but I just did not know how to let the world know about it….Now I don’t want to make this a “religious thing” but I have to tell you I began to pray. I didn’t want to give up…

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Follow Up On Repeat Method

Today hundreds of hackers, CIA agents, NSA agents, etc people are leaving Vegas because they had the Defcon event. And I was only there because I booked a 32k cybersecurity client to help them with their marketing...and the video shows you the follow up method I used...

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THE FERRARI GUY – “How do you hire good sales people?”

Awhile ago I used to live at a place with this guy doing 8-figures in sales and he owned a Ferrari. I forgot his name so I call him The Ferrari Guy and something interesting happened. The basics is that I asked The Ferrari Guy about one of my friends. My friend was...

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Letting Life Get In The Way

​You wake up, and then what? Most people let life get in the way. Whether you wake up and ‘just don’t feel like it’ or whether things pop up and you have to run errands. That’s what this new video is about. There was this girl in this high rise who asked me several...

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What To Do When Events Ask For Your Speaking Fee

What do you do when an event asks, “What’s your speaking fee?” On the one hand, you want to tell them your fee. But on the other, you need to do it the right way. Imagine you pitched an event to hire you to speak. And they liked your pitch so they respond with, “What...

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