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Dave Davlin’s Story – $16,000 & $18,000 weeks from speaking

I knew I had a gift to touch people and make a difference but I just did not know how to let the world know about it….Now I don’t want to make this a “religious thing” but I have to tell you I began to pray. I didn’t want to give up…

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The Real Estate Speaking Gig

Yesterday I did a workshop for a real estate company to show their realtors how to market themselves, but it almost didn’t happen. When I first talked to the company, I said something stupid. You can see it here, in the new video. Most speakers do exactly what I did,...

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Setting Up Your CRM To Get Speaking Gigs

I almost didn’t show you this video because...it’s kinda boring. There’s A LOT of information in there. And I mean a lot. You’ll see the lead score I use, some email templates, how the CRM is setup for speaking gigs. Etc But the setup phase of any business is boring...

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What Should You Write On Your Speaker Site? – Website Copy

This is one of the live sessions we did inside our private Facebook group for SpeakPro Academy members on ‘website copy’. Most speakers don’t get hired because they don’t do things the right way. It’s one thing to have a website, it’s another to have a good website....

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The Rich Story – Becoming An In Demand Motivational Speaker

Rich is a friend I met in high school who showed me a brilliant way for coming across as an in-demand presenter. In fact, he didn’t just show me, he blew me away with how business-savvy he was. And the new video shows you the brilliant thing he did. In this new video,...

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Yesterday we had a Facebook Live session where I demonstrated how I found 100 events literally sitting down at the computer. Your speaking business is completely dependent on how you think, as you’ll see when I find the events and talk strategy. Here are a couple of...

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Selling Your Expertise Live Session

Me and McDonalds are partnering up because I’m dropping gold nuggets in this video (you like that one didn’t you): Yesterday we had a Facebook Live session where we went over ‘how to sell your expertise for a lot of money’. In the session, I talked about the Capture,...

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