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speaker training - tools for your speaking business

Tools for building your speaking business

Hey what tools are you currently using to build your speaking business? If you want to take a look at some of the tools I use, and other tools that will help leverage speaking gigs then Some of these tools will help you when it comes to finding gigs, others …

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speaker training - read biographies

Why you should read more biographies

As a speaker, you’ve probably watched interviews with successful people and you might have wondered, “What do they read?” (I know I have) So what do they read? Extremely successful people read biographies and here’s why: Building your speaking business isn’t just about ‘how do I get on stages.’ It’s …

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January, 2016

  • 28 January

    Newsjacking for professional speakers

    50 Cent (the rapper) can teach speakers a thing or two about becoming known. 50 Cent mastered the ability to NewsJack. Awhile ago, I mentioned in a few videos that you should be newsjacking to get publicity (especially if you’re a leadership speaker) but a few people sent me emails …

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  • 27 January

    I can’t build your speaking business for you

    speaker training - I can't do it for you

    If you’ve ever asked (or thought about asking), “What should I speak about” or “Is there a market for this topic?” Then you need to watch this video… This is one of those ‘reality check’ Speaking Lifestyle videos to speakers who have asked, or are going to ask, questions similar …

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  • 26 January

    Building a speaking business when you’re not an expert yet

    speaker training - building not expert yet

    How do you build your speaking business if you’re not an expert yet? I was speaking at an event and a guy was drilling me on the business side of speaking. He obviously wanted to speak for a living but he was asking me what to do if he’s not …

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  • 25 January

    Coming up with ideas for your speaker blog

    speaker training - coming up with blog ideas

    Do you use a blog for your speaking business? Or YouTube videos for content? If you do, then this video has multiple ways to come up with ideas for your speaker content. As you know, if you want to position yourself as the top-dog in your industry then creating content …

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