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Do this one thing and you’ll build a speaking empire

What does Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have in common with building a speaking empire? And I’m not talking about presentation skills. I’ll give you a hint. Before Bill Gates become ‘Bill Gates’ he read a story about computers in a magazine. Before Steve Jobs had an idea to make ...

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Website Review – Jesse (how to get more paid gigs)

Notes: Purpose: Get paid speaking gigs -His website: Home Page: -What kind of speaker are you? Who are you talking to? Entrepreneurs? Trial Attorney? HR? -What’s different about you? And why should I care? You know theater…so what? Program: -Trial Attorney: -Headline: “Tell the winning story…” Should be “Do ...

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speaker sales team

Building a sales team to book speaking gigs for you

I’m going to tell you something that could explode your speaking business…and as you guessed from the title, it’s about building a sales team to get gigs for you. Most speakers do this wrong…very wrong. Most speakers say things like, “If you book me then I’ll give you 20%.” Or, ...

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speaker website review leadership

Speaker Website Review – Excellent Leadership

This is another website review to help a speaker improve and get more gigs. Notes from the video: Purpose of site?: get people to sign up for the event? or meeting planner? -Why would I attend your event? What’s the transformation that will happen to me? Is it fun? Top ...

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